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On October 29th, here in New York City, Hurricane Sandy showed us no love.  The devastation is heartbreaking, and yet our hearts grew in answer to it. When men from the men’s organization, MDI (of which he is a member) called, David “Spike” Osterczy answered in a big way. Rallying his team, other teams, and other men and women, David has led the way raising money and volunteering weekends to assist in the relief effort. We have been gutting homes and cleaning them up in order to enable the rebuilding process to begin. We have helped a number of families, but so much more help is needed.



Please help us to help those who were affected by this storm. The money raised is buying the equipment and supplies needed by the volunteers to clean out the homes. Beyond that, the money will go toward helping these families rebuild. This is a private volunteer effort, 100% of your donation will go to those who need it. Not one cent will be used for anything other than this purpose.


If you can’t donate money, please consider donating your services or supplies. To do that, go to our Contact page and tell us how to contact you regarding the relief effort.


There’s two easy ways to donate. Either use the PayPal button below or click the link below to go to the GoFundMe page.


We thank you for showing your love!


With LOVE,


The Dating Demistyfied Team


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David’s GoFundMe Page


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