“Red flags” are there for a reason.

That feeling… You know, that feeling; the one that has you wrinkling your nose and making that funny “WTF…?” Face? The one that should be a warning bell? The one that says “something just ain’t right here, ain’t kosher in … Continue reading

Never call the next day.

Doesn’t everybody know this one? This is a rule that nearly everyone has broken, countless times! So you’ve had three phone conversations with “the one.” They seem to be everything you’ve been searching for, and then the first date arrives. … Continue reading

Sarcasm Schmarkasm.

Take sarcasm lightly. Give sarcasm right back just as lightly. This is one of my personal favorites: Sarcasm is a double-edged sword, and without a doubt the most misunderstood form of communication today. I use it regularly and copiously, and … Continue reading

Be silly!

Nothing gets the job done quite like a great sense of humor. I mean, really folks, would you rather be on a first date with someone who made you chuckle, giggle, and laugh, or with someone who was as dry … Continue reading


I love the feeling of raindrops on my face. The tiny little patter and drip down my nose past my waiting lips just to fall away into whence they came. I really do like the rain, well, not like, when … Continue reading

The Issue of Trust

How can you tell whom to trust? Who can you trust? Is it true that trust must be earned? Who says so? Why is that so? Men sleep around. Women keep their “options” open. Men hide their intentions with women. … Continue reading

Guest Blog anyone?

So my partner Tony has brought to my attention that several people have contacted him offline and would like to post blogs on this, well, on this blog? Not being one to judge, my initial response was “why can’t they … Continue reading

Why be in a short-term relationship and why is that good?

Because they’re fun, romantic, exciting and amazing! Duh! However, if you ask 100 people why they are in a short term relationship, you’ll probably get 100 different answers. Generally, you’ll find the answers fall into a few categories: “I don’t … Continue reading

The bees knees

You might wanna sit down for this one. Oh yeah, you’re at your computer so you’re already sitting! My bad! Tuesday afternoon I was meditating in Van Cortland Park in Riverdale. I had a great session with the sun on … Continue reading

Foo to Yoo, X rated too.

Hey all, We are  proud to announce a joint partnership with Donnelle Adler of Lock and Key, New York. She runs some great singles events and we are thrilled to be working with her. More on all this at a … Continue reading