David “Spike” Osterczy

David “Spike” Osterczy, co-founder and creator of The Dating DeMistyfied Workshop Series began his search for enlightenment in 1988 with his first Tony Robbins course and has continued down through the years with everything from transformational work to men’s warrior circles.

His great love for people and tremendous hunger for the knowledge of “what makes us tick” has created a multitude of questions producing hundreds of interviews with groups of men and women throughout the many years. The interviews, in partnership with Love Coach Tony Vear, were the cannon fodder necessary to gain the insight from the very source, single men and women, as to what their fears were, what they wanted, and what they did not want in dating, relationships, sex, and love; all this culminating in The Dating DeMistyfied Workshop Series.

David is a published relationship author (Dating DeMistyfied-101 Online Dating Tips – http://tinyurl.com/a38oltc) a professional photographer (http://www.redbubble.com/people/snapshots101) an accomplished blogger (http://datingdemistyfied.blogspot.com/) and co-creator and co-facilitator of the Dating DeMistyfied workshop. He is also the proud father of two beautiful, brilliant young women and one tall, amazing son, truly his proudest achievements.

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Alex “Robby” Robertson, founder of DynamiteDads.com, joined the Dating DeMistyfied crew in 2011, when David “Spike” Osterczy asked him to be Event Supervisor. After seeing the transformations which occurred at that workshop, and with the deep belief that this work is vital, Robby asked for a more hands on role.

He uses the lessons he learned from the failure of his first marriage, the success of his second marriage (which is over 10 years) and more than 6 years of personal growth work, combined with his natural intuitive style of personal coaching to help people identify what they want and how to communicate that.

Life coach, husband, father of four, and karaoke addict, Robby is building his coaching business and working on publishing his children’s bedtime story and a collaborative effort delivering fathering advice.

Rose Leung is a relationship coach, Feng Shui expert, writer, artist and teacher.  She is a New Yorker by birth, a Hawaiian by heart and Chinese by soul.  A background in psychology and art therapy allows Rose to bring the “Psychology of Personal Self” and the “Relationship with Space” together to create harmony and balance in the lives of her clients. This Personal Self-Space connection is the foundation of the ancient “Art of Placement” – known as Feng Shui.

As a lifelong student she started her journey in a Buddhist temple at 3.  Through her intense research and practical experience, Rose has developed “CPR Your Love Life” an innovative approach integrating the principles of: BTB Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and her wealth of insights.  This allows Rose to address your needs in a very meaningful and in depth way that is unique to her practice.

Although she is based in New York, her services are available throughout the world as long as you have access to the internet or a fax machine.  Rose has worked with many individuals throughout the USA and Canada, creating homes and work spaces that support their particular dreams and goals (www.SparkleGlowShine.com).

Being very connected to her own family and long lineage of healers, relationship harmony is what drives her to explore new ways of creating balance in all areas of life.  Rose’s mission is to empower, educate and inspire men and women to live the life they love everyday and to love and be loved in an extraordinary way.  In her own words “With passion and love, I am here to make this world a more intimate and juicier place!”

Rose lives in New York with her three dogs and is in a committed relationship where they enjoy traveling, dancing and expanding horizons.  She is happy to say that she is playing, laughing and living a life full of juiciness!

Marc Hupert is a Holistic Health, Life Coach, and personal trainer with over five years of experience and a martial arts teacher for over 20 years. Marc integrates energy work with the physical body. He has been mentored in the Healing Arts by several Spiritual healers, teachers, and shamans.

He currently serves as a prayer chaplain for Unity Church in Manhattan and is a leader in his mens Organization, MDI. He has written, produced, and co-facilitates workshops on how to heal and align the mind with spirit so our physical being is in integrity with itself while HAVING FUN!

The motto of Marc’s company, Gap Mastery Training, is “Master your Gaps and Master your Life!” Gap Mastery Training helps people balance mind, body, and soul together to allow people to do the work on this planet they all came to do!