If We Were All Dogs…

A few days back I was engaged in my daily, morning run and workout and I paused to visit with some of the many puppies who romp in the park where I run. One of the dogs was a Black Lab named Sadie. She is friendly, as are most Labs and as I was playing with her (to the chagrin of the other dogs) her master said “wouldn’t the world be a great place if we were all like Labs?”

So we discussed the merits of everyone walking around sniffing each others butts all day and making disgusting sippy sounds after the fact, and decided that despite there being a down-side, it indeed would be a better world if we were all dogs, specifically Labrador Retrievers. I prefer Yellow Labs myself. But Chocolate Labs are very cool!

I mean think about it; size would no longer matter. Have you ever seen a Chihuahua attempting to “get it on” with a German Shepherd?”  He sees absolutely no problem as he jumps up and down attempting to get at his prize, and often the larger dog seems amused, sometimes bored, but rarely ever rude or viscous. And Labs are always friendly toward each other, frankly towards everybody! So I’ll put the question out to everyone: If we all acted like Labrador Retrievers, would this be a better world, or would we all just run around chasing ducks and sniffing butts?

Hey, things could be worse!!!


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