Success Story

In our workshops, Tony and I give our participants a choice of room setup for certain exercises. In this particular one, our community had decided to “circle up” for a particularly deep exercise, as it brings everyone closer together. About half way through, one of our female participants just “crashed and burned” and totally lost her composure. Tony began to go into “coaching mode” and I gave him a look that he knew well. I informed the community that Tony and I were now going to depart for a few minutes, and that they were to take care of their “sister” with some of the skills that we had previously provided. A few of the men were given instructions on how to do this by Tony and I, privately. We left and when we returned a few minutes later this young lady was surrounded by a large group of men. They were touching and holding her closely and she had tears running down her face. She was not crying tears of sadness, but tears of joy. When we questioned her moments later she informed us that she had never been “taken care of” by men before and could now trust men again. She had been hurt deeply by men in the past and had not trusted men to take care of her or nurture her for many years. She felt that she was now ready for a committed relationship and clearly understood where she had limited herself with men in the past. She also understood that she would never again settle for less than she needed as she had experienced the best, and wanted it forever in her life. This is just one success story from our experiential workshop and just a taste of what is available for you in your life. Spike


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