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Boldness, thinking outside the box, & The Law of Attraction.

You’re gonna love this one guys and girls! Spike

“Red flags” are there for a reason.

That feeling… You know, that feeling; the one that has you wrinkling your nose and making that funny “WTF…?” Face? The one that should be a warning bell? The one that says “something just ain’t right here, ain’t kosher in … Continue reading

Never call the next day.

Doesn’t everybody know this one? This is a rule that nearly everyone has broken, countless times! So you’ve had three phone conversations with “the one.” They seem to be everything you’ve been searching for, and then the first date arrives. … Continue reading

Sarcasm Schmarkasm.

Take sarcasm lightly. Give sarcasm right back just as lightly. This is one of my personal favorites: Sarcasm is a double-edged sword, and without a doubt the most misunderstood form of communication today. I use it regularly and copiously, and … Continue reading