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Your "seduction style."

Writers block? Ugh…. They warned me about this! So there are a zillion places to go for content when a blogger/writer just does not have content for his blog, but with 5 websites to my name, and nearly all of … Continue reading

Is dating still a mystery to you?

So I had just finished watching an old Star Trek episode with my son (A Piece of the Action!) on this very computer when I remembered that I promised my partner Tony that I would post an ad/blog here tonight. … Continue reading

I bow in your general direction.

So besides being one of the creators and facilitators of Dating DeMistyfied, I occasionally run a fun singles event called “Kemistry One Ohhh One, because singles events suck!” We have a blast presenting “dating scenarios” to the crowd and then … Continue reading

A buck to pee please

So I’m hanging with my buddy Marc who owns Body Vision (runs a kick-ass bootcamp in Central Park) and we’re just talking about women in general and some of the, um, errrr….well, scams we’ve pulled and gotten away with (don’t … Continue reading