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I don't get it?

So there we were, my son and I at the local supermarket. And there she was, this stunning, black haired, black-eyed woman with an hourglass figure and a face to launch a thousand ships. She walked by, never glancing at … Continue reading

The "Selection Erection."

I had a feeling that title would grab you! But it may not be exactly what you think! Several workshops ago we were going through an exercise where the men were “hitting on” the women, attempting to “pick them up.” … Continue reading

So do nice guys really finish last?

Interesting. The first two female responses to my first blog began with “hate to admit it, but” and so went all the answers as well. Man I just hate it when all the ladies agree with me! Women, why do … Continue reading

Kemistry, dating, and why we're so damn confused

Hey there, I’m Spike and I’ll be sharing some thoughts with you over the next, whenever. Just to give you a tiny snapshot of who I am, I’ll tell you first who I am not: I do not live in … Continue reading