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At first before going I was apprehensive about it being coed. By the end, I was thankful that it was and I feel I got way more than if it was just for men. I felt this was like a motivational dating seminar as opposed to just a dating seminar, and it was unlike any other dating seminar I know of. The two day seminar was highly interactive and there was no space to hide in the room, which for me is what I do often. At first I was scared that there was no hiding. By the end, I felt fully self-expressed, empowered and confident. One thing that I wanted to get from the course was more confidence and I totally surprised myself when I got that. I learned that I am sexy, liked by women and that the things I tell myself about myself are simply untrue. I would recommend this to everyone, especially those men and women who find themselves shy and introverted. You will get out of your box during these two most powerful and long days. You will also first-hand learn more about the opposite sex. I am EXTREMELY shy at times, especially approaching women and moving beyond the friend zone and what I also learned is that I really CAN talk to women and have success with getting a date with a woman thanks to this course.

Andrew Kaen

After 20 years in personal growth, Dating Demystified was the first time I was able to really experience men and women trusting and loving without the veil of shame and pretense that most of us carry around in our everyday lives. My facebook status after leaving this workshop was: It’s never too late to learn how to Love!

Dawn Diaz, Coach, Trainer, Non-Profit founder.