Five Guaranteed Ways to Lose Your Man!

So you’re dating that new guy and things are going swimmingly. You basically floated home from the first date and already had the drapes picked out for the home you’d be living in together. Y’know what? Dates like that are … Continue reading

If We Were All Dogs…

A few days back I was engaged in my daily, morning run and workout and I paused to visit with some of the many puppies who romp in the park where I run. One of the dogs was a Black … Continue reading

Am I a Dating Coach?

This is beginning to confuse me. Every week, more and more men and women call me for my opinions, suggestions, attitudes on dating, and sometimes just because they want to vent. Let me be clear, I have NEVER considered myself … Continue reading

The Men that Women have been Seeking.

I have men in my life. Not boys, not guys, not dudes, and not just friends. I have MEN in my life. The kind of men that our grandfathers were. The kind of men that The Duke, Jimmy Stewart and … Continue reading

Hurricanes, football, and lessons 101.

So we survived Hurricane Irene here in New York. It was windy and rainy and muggy and I discovered something that I already knew, that nature is amazingly beautiful. And I didn’t ride it out alone; no not alone at … Continue reading

I expect…

The question was “what is the number one killer of relationships?”
Everyone looked at one another for a while and then Alex, my event manager wrote a single word on a piece of paper, and the word was… Continue reading

The Love You Carry; Guest Post from Kim Garrett

The Love You Carry No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”– Albert Einstein When you are ‘fifty something’ and dating online ageism is in your face. And with an onslaught of ads proclaiming … Continue reading

Success Story

In our workshops, Tony and I give our participants a choice of room setup for certain exercises. In this particular one, our community had decided to “circle up” for a particularly deep exercise, as it brings everyone closer together. About … Continue reading

Women in Bars, Men on The Web?

Women in Bars, Men on The Web? What’s going on here? I happened to be meeting a friend at a local watering hole on the Upper East Side of Manhattan last week and I swear that I had died and … Continue reading

Boldness, thinking outside the box, & The Law of Attraction.

You’re gonna love this one guys and girls! Spike